Join this Third Act & The Civics Center workshop to be trained as ambassadors to recruit high schools, educators & students to participate in the Class of 2022 Ready to Vote Challenge to make every graduate a voter!

About this event

Senior to Senior voter registration school graduation celebration

From Tucson to Pittsburgh, from Phoenix to Philadelphia, and from Milwaukee to Cleveland, fewer than 20% of 18 year olds are registered to vote (for states reporting). If graduation passes and these numbers don’t shift dramatically, then millions of young people will be unable to vote in November.

Third Act and The Civics Center are co-hosting a workshop to train Third Actors to be ambassadors by building connections with high schools, as well as helping educators and students plan voter registration efforts related to graduation. You will learn how to make phonecalls to recruit schools to implement Class of 2022 Voter Registration Drives; recruit educators and students in your life to lead drives at their schools; and make a Tribute video and/or send a voter registration graduation card to celebrate graduates in your life and get them registered.

We look forward to working with senior Third Actors to get high school seniors registered!

Learn more about Third Act’s Senior-to-Senior Intergenerational Voter Registration Campaign.