Join Third Actor Dan Quinlan for a 30-minute introductory Zoom session to learn more about our upcoming series on Hope & Joy

About this event

This intro session is designed to provide background on our upcoming series on promoting hope and joy in our work. On the call you you can expect to get a clear understanding of why we’re launching this series, receive insight on what to expect, and to ask questions.


Third Act’s Hope and Joy Series

Our Hope & Joy series will provide a variety of offerings, including storytelling, book groups, conversational canvassing, and house parties. Our Hope & Joy series will kick-off in March, with Vermont Third Actor Dan Quinlan is offering monthly Zoom gatherings. Each 90-minute interactive session will feature one author/thinker from neuroscience, psychology, faith traditions, sociology, philosophy, and more. This series is designed for you to pick and choose sessions that interest you and you are not required to attend them all.


Dan Quinlan

Dan Quinlan is the founder the non-profit SolaVida. His focus is on working with people who are passionate about making the world a more humane and healthy home for all people. His work revolves around reducing carbon pollution – through projects in advocacy, communications, and finance – mostly in collaboration with health professionals. Dan has spent the last 5 years formally and informally wandering around ideas about wisdom and joy from science, psychology, faith traditions, philosophy, sociology, and more.