I am a fellow Third Actor, writing to you with a proposal and an offer.

I am really feeling the ‘fierce urgency of now.’ We all joined Third Act as a way to protect our democracy and move us towards a stable and livable climate. And dang, there’s a lot that needs doing ASAP… right?! This critical, precarious, precious moment is the best chance we will ever have to turn back towards sanity. 

So I’m helping to create more ongoing funding that would allow Third Act to scale up their campaigns, support more working groups, and continue to build the leadership skills of us volunteers. Thus Third Act is launching a campaign to aggregate small repeat donations into a meaningful revenue stream for Third Act operations.

Our goal is to get at least 5% of our cohort of 70,000 Third Act members to sign up to be monthly sustaining donors at $10 a month or more between now and May 31.  

This will allow us to 

  • Increase our voter registration efforts early in the election cycle (shown to have 4x the impact as GOTV activities in the weeks before election day!) 
  • Hold more in-person trainings and convenings for our base to help fire up new plans for local organizing work
  • Coordinate robust on-ground work to help public utility commissions in key states be accountable and transition to a cleaner energy mix
  • and still do it all in the lean, efficient way that empowers all of us members

So here’s the offer part:

If you sign up as a monthly donor of $10 or more by May 31st (or if you already are a monthly donor and we have your address), I will send you a set of beautiful Justice Postcards as a thank you gift! I am supporting Third Act by donating both the postcards themselves, the postage, and the hands-on fun of shipping them out to you. There is no cost to Third Act so ALL of your donation will go to sustaining Third Act’s efforts to help us meet the urgency of the moment we are now in. 

Justice Postcards are a set of 20 oversized art postcards that I created for this purpose.  There are two each of 10 different images with art by 8 diverse artists. Suitable for displaying, writing and mailing, or even giving as a gift.  

Let’s help build the just and sustainable world we want to see. Join us and be one of the 5% of Third Actors that help bring this dream into reality.

In solidarity,
Erika Leaf,
Third Act volunteer and supporter

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