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A Conversation with Jane Fonda and Dolores Huerta: Central Valley Matters Fundraiser CA22 Needs Your Help


April 25th, 2024
5:00 pm PDT


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Our featured speakers, Dolores Huerta and Jane Fonda, will discuss “Why the Central Valley Matters.” We’ll learn how, when people can come together, organize, and take direct action, they can protect their rights.

Many of us take fresh water and clean air for granted, yet thousands of people who live in CD22 don’t have access to clean drinking water, breath dirty air, and the region has highest childhood asthma rates in the nation. Thanks to our contributions, residents there learn they can elect people who will represent their interests and work to improve healthcare, working conditions and the local environment.

The grassroots groups we support focus on voter engagement and mobilization, key factors in changing the power structure in the Central Valley.

Money raised goes directly to key community groups that have a track record of getting out the vote in CA22. This district is one of the best opportunities in the country to flip a congressional seat from Red to Blue. For the past three years, CVM has been raising funds to expand the progressive infrastructure in CA22 and support local organizations that work year-round to improve the lives of people there. This majority Latino district is the poorest in California. It is home to the United Farm Workers and a place that desperately needs  Democratic representation.

To meet Jane Fonda and Dolores Huerta Register here for the April 25th Zoom Fundraiser.
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