Together let's win elections! Postcards are an effective way to increase voter turnout and win in tight races. Third Act’s goal: send 50,000 postcards to voters by Election Day 2024!

Image of a postcard to send to voters to encourage them to vote
Write Postcards to motivate voters to turn out

Join Third Act and Activate America to write 50,000 postcards by mid-October 2024! We will together write postcards to voters and help safeguard our democracy, win elections, and build voter enthusiasm and turnout to elect progressives and climate champions in 2024.

Sign-up below to request voter names and addresses from Activate America for a variety postcard campaigns in key states and districts. See the resources at the bottom of the page for supplying your own postcards and postage and for hosting a postcard party.

There are several key races we need to win in 2024 and we are building voter enthusiasm so we can take back the House, protect the Senate, and win the Presidency. 

Postcards and letters to voters are a proven tactic that helps achieve these outcomes! The well-regarded Analyst Institute, which is a clearinghouse for evidence on voter contact and engagement programs, notes that “Letters aim to break through the clutter of political mail, grabbing voters’ attention with a GOTV message.”  (See more about the evidence at the bottom of the page.)

We are partnering with Activate America because they work with local experts and national organizations to ensure our efforts are coordinated, our messages are evidence-based and your time is used well by focusing on voters in places where elections will be close. 

We will report back on our progress towards our goal of sending 50,000 postcards!

How to Request Voter Addresses for Postcards

Third Act is partnering with Activate America on Postcards to Voters. You supply your own postcards and stamps (see resources below). Activate America updates its list of key races regularly. Once on the sign-up page, you can choose which states and districts you want to write to. 

Here are instructions to get your list of voter addresses and your script:

SIGN-UP HERE and Activate America will email you with the list of voter addresses and the postcard script you requested WITHIN 48 HOURS. Limit: you may request less than 500 voter addresses to receive automatically; or if you are hosting a Postcard Party and need more, you can break them into separate orders (or contact Anna at email below). Look for an email from Don’t forget to check your Spam Folder!

Key states and races currently (Feb-April 2024) include: Ohio, Arizona, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. Specific deadlines for mailing the postcards are listed on Activate America’s page.

After you sign-up on the first Mobilize page, you will automatically be directed to a second page, where you select which campaign you will write postcards for and how many postcards you want to send. Please choose your campaign from the list.

While you wait to receive your list of voter addresses and your postcard script (again: it may take up to 48 hours for you to receive them), you can get your postcards and stamps. Visit the resources linked below for information on buying the correct postage, printing out a Third Act postcard or making your own, and how to host a postcard party.

Share a Photo: Before you mail your postcards, take a photo of your postcards (cover up the voter name and address) and share on social media to inspire others to get involved. Don’t forget to tag @ThirdActOrg on X (Twitter), Facebook, and Instagram. Also drop us an email and let us know how many postcards you sent (on your own or with a postcard party), share your photo, name, and something about yourself or how many postcards you wrote to

If you have not received your names and addresses after 48 hours, please write to

Please contact if you have questions about Third Act’s Safeguarding Our Democracy activities.

Note: By signing up on the Mobilize page, you will be added to Activate America’s email list. You can unsubscribe at any time if you no longer want to receive their emails.


Where To Get Postcards and Stamps

Here are some ideas for where you can get them:

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Host a Postcard Party: In-person or Virtual

The biggest objective of hosting a postcard party is to write a lot of postcards. Anything you can do to make it easy for people will help.

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Why Postcards? Why Vote by Mail?

Research shows that postcards are an effective way to increase voter turnout and engagement when messages are personal, emphasize civic duty, and highlight the importance of making one’s voice heard.

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