“Old technology” like letters to the editor are actually one of the most read parts of the newspaper, and are also followed closely by your elected officials. So, please share your perspectives on why protecting our democracy is personally important to you.

Write letters that fight the Big Lie about the 2020 election. You can write about local, state, or federal efforts going on to restrict voting access, gerrymander districts, limit or get rid of vote-by-mail, or other issues. Write about your own experiences with voting. Lift up positive stories where non-partisan re-districting is working or states are enhancing voting access. Perhaps write these letters together— virtually or in-person safely— with your children or grandchildren, fellow seniors, neighbors, or others. The more letters on a topic are submitted the more likely it is the newspaper will publish one or two.

To help you get going, watch a recording of Bill McKibben’s “letter to the editor writing workshop.” There are sample letters to the editor in the slide deck used for that workshop. If your letter to the editor gets published, please share it on social media and email the link (or a photo of the actual printed paper) to us at takingaction@thirdact.org.