Are you a Third Actor who hasn't yet found your “home” in the work? To increase engagement of more Third Act volunteers, particularly in states where there is currently no Working Group, we are starting a cohort of “National Volunteers”.

You are invited to bring your unique gifts, passions and talents to a role as a national volunteer at Third Act. We’ve spelled out some of the many roles here essential to the continued growth and vitality of this movement. Maybe you want to lean into a skill you already have or maybe you’d like to try something new! We hope you will decide to volunteer in work that not only utilizes your natural abilities but also brings you joy and fulfillment. Your contributions will be appreciated!

*Preference will be given to folks in states with no existing geographic Working Group and/or to people who don’t fit into one of the existing affinity Working Groups.

Description for volunteers

As a national volunteer, you will join a small team to support other Third Actors and Third Act staff, depending on the role for which you have the greatest passion and are most suited. The expectations vary according to role as you can see below. There will be 3 teams (organizing, campaigns, digicomms) with a lead national volunteer for each team as well as a staff member to answer questions and provide support as needed. In addition, you will be expected to attend monthly team meetings. We request an initial 6 month commitment.

Step 1 – Please complete this formby February 9.

Step 2 – Join a call to learn more about the teams and roles.

Step 3 – Engage in a 1:1 so we can learn more about you, respond to your questions and share more about this pilot.

As this is a pilot cohort, we are mindful of Third Act Lead Advisor Akaya Windwood’s words:

The good news is that we are all learning and growing. The challenging news is that we are all learning and growing, and that means we will make mistakes, fall down and occasionally mess things up…  each “mistake” becomes a learning/growing step which is essential on a joyful path.

We also know that, as Akaya so beautifully writes:

In a time of constantly shifting sand, we need to become adept at dancing. We will need to become increasingly skilled in and comfortable with chaos and ambiguity. … We’ve never been here before, which is really good news.

With that, we will work in good faith and to the best of our abilities to match people and roles.  And we appreciate your grace as we figure this out.