We want to encourage you to find a better bank, sign-up and we'll help you throughout your journey to switch!

Watch Our Series on Responsible Finance

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How to Find a Better Bank and Credit Card

Read our FAQ blog that provides information and educational resources on aligning your finances with your values and discovering more environmentally conscious options for banks, credit unions, and credit cards.

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Join a Cohort with THIS! Is What We Did

THIS! is supporting Third Act to stop big banks from financing climate chaos. Use the self-service resources on their website and sign-up for Office Hours to ask questions and check-in with a “peer facilitator” who is a fellow Third Actor.

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Sign Our Banking on our Future Pledge

Help us get to an additional 25,000 people to pledge to move their money if the banks don’t move out of fossil fuels. Our hope is that we can deliver another wave of signatures in March 2024, one year after our National Day of Action to Stop Dirty Banks.  

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Read Jim Thompson’s Switching Story

Get inspired by this Third Actor's experience on moving their money to a better bank!

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