Follow these 5 steps to tell Costco why its Citi credit card contributes to environmental racism.

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Costco has a credit card partnership with Citibank – that’s why we invited Costco leadership to The People vs. Citi, Confronting Citi’s Environmental Racism Public Hearing so that Costco could learn firsthand the devastating impacts it is associated with via Citi’s fossil fuel financing. But Costco didn’t show. Even after Hearing Chair and frontline leader fighting new methane gas projects in Louisiana, Roishetta Ozane, personally reached out to Costco leadership to invite them to attend the hearing, and a group of activists hand-delivered invitations to Costco headquarters in Issaquah, Washington, Costco leadership still ignored the invitation. Their silence is unacceptable.

Follow these 5 steps to tell Costco why you want them to clean up their credit card.  

STEP 1Go to Costco’s feedback form. 

STEP 2: Type in your zip-code or city and click on the “Use This Location” for any Costco warehouse.

STEP 3: Copy and Paste this text into the box on the Costco website. (Feel free to give Costco a “Poor” score)

I’m deeply concerned about climate change and about Costco’s credit card partnership with Citibank.

On April 22, frontline leaders from Peru to the Arctic gathered in New York City for a public hearing: “The People vs Citi: Confronting Citi’s Environmental Racism.” The hearing showed the devastating health and environmental impacts on communities where Citi is funding polluting oil and gas projects. Costco leadership was invited, but no one participated.

Costco should know the terrible impacts it’s associated with via its Citi partnership. Citi is the biggest global funder expanding fossil fuels. I’m worried about climate change impacts on my family and community. I’m appealing to you, Costco leaders who care and strive to “do the right thing”: Use Costco’s client power and urge Citi to stop funding harmful fossil fuels. If Citi won’t act, then find a better credit card. Is Costco going to stand with communities and the climate or stand by dirty and environmentally racist Citibank?

STEP 4: Hit Submit.

STEP 5: Return to this Third Act page and fill out this form to let us know you took action.

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