We are building a community of Americans over the age of sixty determined to change the world for the better. Together, we use our life experience, skills, and resources to build a better tomorrow.

About Us

Here's what we're doing

Campaigning for a

Sustainable society and planet

It's no surprise that Big Banks are funding the climate crisis-help us demand that Wall Street to move their investments away from fossil fuel companies! It's important for our generation to move toward better banks that invest in our communities.

Building community

Through Working Groups

There are active, joyful, effective communities of Third Actors organized by affinity and by geography across the U.S., carrying out plans to advance Third Act’s work and broader purpose.


Youth led change

We believe building an intergenerational movement is how we affect change in Washington and Wall Street. It's important that we work together to understand how the themes of repair and elderhood can work to build our collective power.

Ways to get involved

Join our mailing list

The best way to start your third act is by signing up for our mailing list. We'll update you on our campaigns, actions you can take, and other relevant news and insights.

Take action

You have the power to be a catalyst for change. We organize different actions, online and in-person. Once click can make a difference!

Find a Working Group

Working Groups are volunteer run groups organized by affinity or by geographic location. We encourage these Working Groups to carry out organizing, communication and campaigns.

Attend an event

We host workshops, community calls, and facilitated conversations each month that build skills, deepen interest, and get everyone working together on the big problems of our time.

Upcoming Events

Third Act will host big community calls, workshops and facilitated conversations each month that build skills, deepen interest, and get everyone working together on the big problems of our time. Check out the events below to see what’s coming up.

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08 Jun

Webinar: Fight Dirty Energy Investments on Public Lands!

7:30 pm ET
| National Org
12 Jun

Welcome to Third Act: Let’s Get Started

7:30 pm ET
| National Org
14 Jun

Teach In: Power Up Communities! Public Utility Commission Advocacy

6:00 pm ET
| National Org

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Our Work

We muster political and economic power to move Washington and Wall Street in the name of a fairer, more sustainable society and planet. We back up the great work of younger people, and we make good trouble of our own.

About Us

“Experienced Americans” are the fastest-growing part of the population: 10,000 people a day pass the 60-year mark. That means that there’s no way to make the changes that must be made to protect our planet and our society unless we bring the power of this group into play.

Protect the climate and strengthen our democracy
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