Together let's mobilize for the midterms! Postcards are an effective way to increase voter turnout and engagement when messages are personal, emphasize civic duty, and highlight the importance of making one’s voice heard.

Let’s join together as Third Act’s Democracy Force to write postcards and mobilize voters in Wisconsin & Arizona to register for a mail-in ballot to increase the likelihood that they vote in upcoming elections this year. We’ll be writing to voters who requested a mail-in ballot for the Wisconsin April election, but who haven’t yet requested ones for the August statewide primary or the November general election. Learn more below about why postcards and mail voting are vital and effective at increasing turnout.

Voter participation and turnout is vital to a well-functioning and representative democracy, and overcoming any doubts about the integrity of our elections. Midterm elections often have lower voter turnout. So, Third Act is reaching out to voters – currently in Wisconsin – to encourage vote-by-mail, which helps increase voter participation.

We are writing nonpartisan educational messages. Through Activate America, we have partnered with AZ & WI in-state organizations to bring the right message to the right voters, building toward a strong midterm election turnout.

Sign-up to Send Postcards to Voters

Third Act is partnering with Activate America on Postcards to Voters. Here’s how it works to get your list of voter addresses and your script:

    1. Sign up HERE and Activate America will email you with the list of voter addresses and the postcard script you requested WITHIN 48 HOURS. Look for an email from Don’t forget to check your Spam Folder!
    2. After you sign-up on the first Mobilize page, you will automatically be directed to a second page, where you select which campaign you will write postcards for (choose “Wisconsin Vote by Mail”) and how many postcards you want to send.
    3. While you wait to receive your list of voter addresses and your postcard script (again: it may take up to 48 hours for you to receive them), you can get your postcards and stamps. See below for options, including a print-at-home Third Act postcard.
    4. Please mail your postcards within two weeks of receiving your names and addresses.

Before you mail your postcards, take a photo of your postcards (cover up the voter name and address) and share on social media to inspire others to get involved – don’t forget to tag @Third_Act_Org on Twitter and Instagram and @ThirdActOrg on Facebook. Or email your photo, name, and something about yourself or how many postcards you wrote to

If you have not received your names and addresses after 48 hours, please write to

Please contact if you have questions about Third Act’s Protect the Vote activities to mobilize for the midterms. 

Note: By signing up on the Mobilize page, you will be added to Activate America’s email list. You can unsubscribe at any time if you no longer want to receive their emails.


Here are some ideas for where you can get them:

Options for Nonpartisan Postcards:

We recommend postcards that have one side entirely blank for your hand-written message (using the script you will receive from Activate America).  That way you don’t have to worry about running out of space. Also, for this activity please choose postcards with nonpartisan images and messages.

  • Download this Third Act VOTE postcard that you can print-at-home on 80 lb (12 pt) cardstock (ideally please use FSC-certified paper with recycled content). Cut along the indicated lines to get the correct size: 4 postcards from one 8.5″ x 11″ sheet. You can also take the PDF to a copy shop and print there. Note: The address and stamp go on the front side where the image is; write your message to the voter on the blank back side.
  • Local stationery stores may carry postcards, index cards or cardstock to cut into postcards. See these regulations for DIY postcards (and more here), and choose cardstock that is 80 lb (12 pt). More than 80-100 lb may be difficult to print on a home printer.
  • To use a postcard stamp, the card must be at least 3-1/2 inches high x 5 inches long, and maximum of 4-1/4 inches high x 6 inches long.

If you are purchasing postcards online (nonpartisan images/messages), please ensure you can receive them with enough time so you can mail your postcards by the deadline described in the email you received with the postcard script of the message to write.

  • CLICK HERE to buy postcards online from the U.S. Post Office. Note – the Post Office may take a long time to fill your order, so give yourself a few weeks lead time to receive them.  Or if you go to the Post Office in-person to buy stamps, you can also ask if they sell postcards.
  • Buy online from ETSY.
  • Buy and pick-up packs of 100 postcards for $5 if you are in the SF/East Bay Area in California (no shipping, pick up in El Cerrito, CA only). See cards here. Email to place an order.
  • Lots of other sources and ideas – maybe you have old postcards lying around; maybe your community has a “creative reuse” center where you can get postcards to use.


  • CLICK HERE to buy postcard stamps (40 cents each, effective Jan. 24) from the U.S. Post Office. Current designs are barns.
  • Where it is safe to buy in-person, check if your local U.S. Post Office carries postcard stamps.   CLICK HERE to find your nearest U.S. Post Office.

Why Postcards? Why Vote by Mail?

Research shows that postcards are an effective way to increase voter turnout and engagement when messages are personal, emphasize civic duty, and highlight the importance of making one’s voice heard. Drawing from the research, low-tech postcards are a key part of the voter engagement mix, as not everyone picks up the phone or answers the door. In fact, in Virginia, one study found that postcards increased turnout by 0.4 percent (a typical get-out-the-vote, or GOTV, canvass increases turnout by 0.3 percent) and concluded that the postcards had as good or better effect on voter turnout as going door to door.

While these increases may seem small, they are significant! Especially in tight races or elections with low voter turnout such as primaries or off-year elections, where the outcome can be decided by just a handful of votes. 

Mail voting is a convenient, safe, and secure method of voting that is crucial for ensuring high turnout, especially among older Americans: it saves time, transportation, and Covid exposures, as well as allowing more time to consider the issues and candidates.

Learn more about Third Act’s Protect the Vote initiatives, including increasing participation in elections, advocacy to ensure voting access, voter education, cultural engagement, and direct action.