As older, dependable, senior voters, let's help every graduating high school senior become a voter! Here are three ways you can help register the Class of 2022 to vote and begin a lifetime of civic engagement

Senior to Senior voter registration school graduation celebration

Join Third Act’s “Senior-to-Senior” initiative to help graduating high school seniors in your life to register to vote!

Third Act is thrilled to partner with The Civics Center on the Class of 2022 Ready to Vote Challenge to help make every graduate a voter!

About 4 million young people turn 18 every year in the US and become eligible to vote. However, in many school districts less than 20% of youth who will turn 18 by the 2022 midterms were registered to vote, despite being eligible.  

Third Actors like you are dependable, long-time voters with important stories to share that will help inspire and motivate young people to register to vote and begin a lifetime of civic engagement.

Here are three ways you can get involved!

1. Send a Congratulations & Voter Registration
Card to Graduates 

Celebrate the major life milestone of a grandchild, relative, godchild or other special graduate in your life by sending them a graduation card with this print-at-home insert that includes a QR Code for registering to vote online (38 states allow online registration). There is space to write your own personal well-wishes and to share why voting is so important to you. Click here for instructions and link to the printable card insert.

2. Train to be a Class of 2022
Graduation Voter Registration Drive Ambassador

The Civics Center and Third Act are holding three volunteer workshops to train Third Actors to be ambassadors who will build connections with high schools and recruit educators and students to implement graduation-focused voter registration efforts. The workshops are different, so choose the one that’s right for you. Click here to register for one of the three workshops. There are still workshops available for educators and students, two times per week through June 2. 

3. Record a Tribute Video
About Life Milestones (Like Voting!)

This graduation season, Third Act wants to share your invaluable voting experiences with the next generation of voters! Using the Tribute video platform, you can take a video—of yourself, or with a graduating high school senior, or a teacher in your life— reflecting on prompts like these:

  1. What motivates you to register younger voters? Please share a personal voting story with us!
  2. Reflecting on major life milestones (i.e. turning 18, graduating, becoming eligible to vote, etc.), what are some ways voting and civic engagement have had a direct impact on your life or community?

Share your video on social media and recruit other friends and family to record Tribute videos of their own. Third Act will share these videos on our social media platforms to inspire and support young people to participate in The Civic Center’s “Class of 2022 Ready to Vote Challenge.” Click here for detailed instructions. 

Resources About High School Voter Registration Programs

Do you want to learn more about why high school voter registration is so important? There’s a lot of research and information if you want to read more.

Enormous opportunities exist in high schools to register voters before every election. In most states, students who are 17 can register to vote right now if they will be 18 by November 8, 2022. Fifteen states and the District of Columbia allow preregistration beginning as early as age 16. This means that most of the 3.7 million graduating seniors are eligible to register. High schools provide an ideal environment for this effort, before students enter the workforce or go to college.

Background resources to learn more: